Meet the Team

Our team collectively has over 30 years of climbing experience and exposure at international climbing gyms. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment for the Indian climbing scene to explode.

  • Vrinda Bhageria


    I studied graphic design in an art college in the US. Started climbing in my final year of university there.

    Until then I had never really played many sports or spent much time outdoors. I would struggle to even stay fit. Climbing changed all of that. It helped me not only get fit and become strong physically, but I gained immense confidence in other aspects of life.

    Over the years I’ve travelled and climbed in locations in India and other parts of the world. I’ve met people and learnt a new way of life through climbing. I now climb for the sheer joy of it.

  • Yadu Bhageria


    I'm a mathematician by education and enjoy playing with data and dabbling in the equity markets.

    I started climbing because I got injured as a runner about a decade ago. Within a year, I had stopped running and I was only climbing. Slowly, it has become somewhat of an obsession for me. Now that I'm helping open a gym, I can devote even more time to it!

    I like climbing because of the process of problem solving and execution involved in the physical movement.

Viraj Sose

I started climbing as a mode of exercise and got hooked on to it like a fly on a spider-web. I stuck to it during my education as a molecular biologist and climbed mostly indoors. Soon after studying, I got sucked into it completely as I spent most of my time climbing outdoors. Climbing to me is much more than a sport and is a medium to really connect with nature and understand one's own mind-body balance. It is also an art through which one can express oneself based on movement.

Varun Mishra

I started climbing in 2012. Before that I indulged in getting experience trekking and mountaineering. It was difficult to find time to travel to the mountains, and so rock climbing was a good escape in the beginning. ‍ Now climbing has became such an obsession that travelling to remote places for climbing is what gives me sheer joy. I have been climbing and exploring boulders around India. ‍ With Boulder Box opening up, I am psyched to be a part of the team.

Siddhartha Chattopadhyay

My exposure to climbing, although short-lived, rose from a deep need to broaden my experience outdoors. While the woods played a cardinal role in my search for meaning and self-discovery, climbing helped provide a much needed clarity in thought and a newer perspective on life. Although I had started climbing back in 2016, it wasn’t until late 2018 when I dove headlong into the sport and was fully absorbed by it. The experience was so rewarding and therapeutic that I began to look at it as a way of life, and not just as a mere sport. Having exited my company in search of this new-found life, I found a cocoon shortly after: BoulderBox, where I’d eventually set out to practise this moving meditation.

Chaitanya Ravi

I always had this climbing bug inside me from my childhood where I used to imagine myself climbing whenever I saw tall buildings or bridges.After my 12th grade at school, I seriously wanted to choose climbing as a a career but realising the Indian climbing scene had unconsciously made me opt for higher studies. During this time I learned a lot about myself and I started to push my inner limits. This made me realise I can give my best only when I follow my vision. For me climbing is the bridge which connects the dimensions of reality and my imagination. Thus I am now following my vision‍

Dasha Fogel
Arjun Yadav
Abhinav Bhatia
'Good' Dog

I'm most definitely not a good boy. Instead I am certainly a bad boy. But it cannot be helped.

When I see new people my instincts kick in. Then I vigorously approach them and constantly tell them I must smell them in order to calm down.

Life goes on. I'll go sleep now.

'Crag' Dog

I'm the local indoor 'crag' dog. My job involves sitting on the pads and being a good boy. I often let humans pet me because it makes them feel better.

I occasionally get over-excited when urging climbers through the crux and get in the way. But Im a good boy so I get out of the way as soon as Im made aware of it.

'Yoga' Dog

I like running and helping out with yoga. My personal favourite asana is the downward dog.

I try and help patrons of my gym push themselves by providing extra pressure in various directions during intense stretches. I take tentative steps towards building pressure and jump right away if it gets too much for them (or me)!

The Journey so far


Starting Climbing

We started climbing in separate continents. Vrinda started in Chicago, USA during her graphic design degree. I, Yadu, started slightly earlier at boarding school in Somerset, UK.


Wall at Home

Back in Delhi, we found that facilities simply did not compare with the ones we started out on. Eventually our passion for climbing lead to the building of a bouldering facility at home. Over the years, we have had friends from all over the world climb and set with us at home.


Finding a Location

The demand for a world class climbing gym in the capital was and is very apparent to us. So two years ago, Vrinda started working to find an appropriate location for the gym. After countless site visits she finally decided on the Vasant Kunj site.

Spring 2018


About a year ago, the location was finalised and the work truly began with wall designs, space conceptualisation and more.

Summer 2018


Civil construction for the building and the climbing walls began in the Summer of 2018. Many aspects of walls were adjusted at site to maximise the use of the space.

Fall Q3

Finding the Team

As construction continued in the background, we started interviewing people for our team. We knew Varun through the scene in Delhi already; Rahul was an ever present figure in the climbing world of India; We met Viraj fortuitously through the interview process.

Winter 2018

Ready to Open

Refinements in construction was an endless process. At some point we concluded the centre is safe to operate and decided to take our leap of faith. Final preparations were made around the clock thanks to our tremendous team.



After our launch we look forward to seeing the challenges 2019 brings us. In particular we are excited to see how we can help the climbing community in India grow.

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