Under 18s

Under 18? Parents of an under 18 wanting to climb? Find all the relevant information below.

Can't wait to have you over!

Minors : Under 18s

  1. Read and have your Parent and/or Legal Guardian read the Conditions of Use as well as the Rules and Etiquette page
  2. Fill out our online Registration Form in advance to save time on your visit to the centre.
  3. Carry a valid photo ID of the parent or legal guardian signing the form and visit BoulderBox!

Age 14+

Climbers aged between 13 - 17 years old can climb at the centre unsupervised provided they have passed a climbing competency test. If they are not competent at climbing then they follow the same protocols as those for climbers aged between 6 - 13.

Note this climber will still require their parent and/or legal guardian to sign off on their registration form.

Ages 6 – 13

Climbers aged above 6 years old and under 13 years old can only climb at the centre under our coach's supervision during the kids class timings (Check timetable for kids classes.) In order to enroll in a kids class, prior booking is required 24 hours in advance. You can book by calling or messaging us at +91-96501-05578.
Note this climber will still require their parent and/or legal guardian to sign off on their registration form.

*If the parent / legal guardian is comfortable supervising, then the minor can climb at any time during center hours.  

Please note : Kids under 6 years old are not allowed to climb at our center.

Kids Classes

Our kids classes are aimed at those looking to start climbing. No prior climbing experience required. The kids will be guided by our expert coaches with many years of climbing and coaching experience.

Why enroll in a class?
Climbing is a unique sport that helps in the childs cognitive and physical development by honing their problem solving skills as well as working on their physical fitness. You will notice gains in strength, flexibility, movement ability, proprioception and mental fortitude. They also develop social skills with other kids taking part in the same activity.

Host your childs birthday!

We are the perfect venue for an active and fun filled celebration for your loved one involving climbing and many more activities!

Fill our the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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