Climbing Classes

We can help you get started and improve at climbing and other movements no matter your level.

Whether you're looking for an introduction or a more advanced private session, check out our classes below!

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Current Classes

We offer various courses at our centre and will be expanding further as we go!

  • Climbing Induction Class
    ₹700 ₹350 | 60 min

    For those who have never climbed before or are looking for a refresher having never visited BoulderBox. Climbing shoe hire is also included.

    Alldays @ 7pm
    + Weekends @ 11am

    Check the class schedule for timings

  • Climbing Technical Class
    ₹ 700 | 60 min | 1:5

    Already know the basics? Come get some pointers on improving technique for climbing. Strength can only get you so far! 

    From 23rd of September: All technique classes are now included in memberships!

    NEW Timings (from 23rd of September)
    Monday – Saturday - 8:00 – 9:00pm

    Things to Note:
    1. Members can avail unlimited technique classes on a first come first serve basis. 
    2. Class limited to first five people to book
    3. Each class will address a different climbing technique

    8 Pack **| ₹ 4000 (expires in 8 weeks)
    **Pack can be used for other classes as well

  • Private Coaching for Climbing
    ₹ 1500 | 90 min | 1:1*

    Come improve at climbing in 1 on 1 sessions with a BoulderBox crew member for personalised training and recommendations specialised to the individual minor at hand

    4 Pack | ₹ 1500 (expires in 6 weeks)
    8 Pack | ₹ 9000 (expires in 12 weeks)

    *For group private classes people enquire by calling us

  • Spotting Workshops + More
    Price Varies

    Keep a look out on our instagram and or events page for further information on these supplementary climbing classes!

[ 1 : x ] = 1 instructor to x students

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