Climbing Classes

We can help you get started and improve at climbing and other movements no matter your level.

Whether you're looking for an introduction or a more advanced private session, check out our classes below!

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Current Classes

We offer various courses at our centre and will be expanding further as we go!

  • Climbing Induction Class
    ₹700 ₹350 | 60 min

    For those who have never climbed before or are looking for a refresher having never visited BoulderBox.

    Includes climbing shoe hire. P.s. wear some socks!

    Alldays @ 7pm
    + Weekends @ 11am

    Check the class schedule for timings

  • Climbing Technical Class
    ₹ 700 | 60 min | 1:5

    Already know the basics? Come get some pointers on improving technique for climbing. Strength can only get you so far! 

    Includes shoe and chalk hire for every class!

    From 23rd of September: All technique classes are now included in memberships!

    Mon - Sat @ 8pm

    Things to Note:
    1. Members can avail unlimited technique classes on a first come first serve basis. 
    2. Class limited to first five people to book

    8 Pack **| ₹ 4000 (expires in 8 weeks)
    **Pack can be used for other similar priced classes

  • Private Coaching for Climbing
    ₹ 1500 | 60 min | 1:1*

    Come improve at climbing in 1 on 1 sessions with a BoulderBox crew member for personalised training and recommendations specialised to the individual minor at hand.

    Includes shoe and chalk hire for every class!

    4 Pack | ₹ 5000 (expires in 6 weeks)
    8 Pack | ₹ 9000 (expires in 12 weeks)

    *For group private classes people enquire by calling us

  • Spotting Workshops + More
    Price Varies

    Keep a look out on our instagram and or events page for further information on these supplementary climbing classes!

[ 1 : x ] = 1 instructor to x students

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