First Visit

Unsure about climbing? Don't worry we've got you!
Follow the steps below for a seamless first climbing
experience at BoulderBox.

Essential Steps

Can't wait to have you over!
  1. Fill out our online Registration Form in advance to save time on your visit to the centre.
    It has the safety induction video as part of it.
  2. Book a slot through our online portal.
  3. Read the Conditions of Use as well as the Rules and Etiquette page.
  4. Visit BoulderBox!

First Time Climbers

If you have never climbed before then it is worth knowing that climbing is very straight forward to pick up. For people confident in their fitness we recommend you just come over and climb without instruction. If you are seeking instruction then you can also book one of our free induction classes

  • Intro to Climbing | 15 min

    For those who have never climbed before, our intro to climbing will guide you through the basics along with a safety briefing. Our coaches will make sure you are comfortable climbing on your own. Climbing shoe hire is also included.

    Book a slot through Hudle (costs Rs. 800) and
    let us know in advance so we can ensure an instructor is available on your visit.

  • Boulder Basics | 60 min
    ₹ 1500 per month for recurring members
    ₹ 2000 per month for non-recurring members
    ₹ 500 + 800 (day pass) for a drop-in class

    Build a strong foundation for bouldering
    and climbing with our super dedicated coaches.
    Join us every Monday , Wednesday & Saturday
    from 7pm – 8pm to learn basics of movement on a wall.
    This will include climbing technique, conditioning, antagonist exercises, core and more!

  • Boulder Strength | 60 min
    ₹ 1500 per month for recurring members
    ₹ 2000 per month for non-recurring members
    ₹ 500 + 800 (day pass) for a drop-in class

    If you are looking for climbing gains, then look no further! Build your finger strength and upper body strength with our experienced coaches in the Boulder Strength Class.
    Join us every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday from 7pm – 8pm for a a group climbing strength class. This will help improve climbing specific muscles. We guarantee a level up in 3 months!!! 

  • Private Class | 60 min | 1:1
    ₹ 2,000 for a single class
    ₹ 7,000 | 4 Class Pack (expires in 4 weeks)
    ₹ 12,500 | 8 Class Pack (expires 4 weeks)
    ₹ 2000 | 60 min | 1:1*

    Get personalised coaching and work on your weaknesses.
    Join our private sessions with any one of our experienced coaches and witness the gains!

    *For group private classes people enquire by calling us

  • Memberships‍

    For veteran climbers and enthusiasts alike!

    Check out all the pricing options

Under 18s

Please check out the relevant information on the dedicated Under 18s page.

Induction Video