First Visit

First visit or slightly unsure about things? Follow the steps below to ensure you have a seamless first experience at the centre on your visit.

By the way all you need is yourself, and maybe some clothes. Actually, definitely some clothes!

Induction Video

Essential Steps

Can't wait to have you over!
  1. Read the Conditions of Use as well as the Rules and Etiquette page.
  2. Watch the induction video above. We will be asking you safety questions upon your first visit to the centre and all answers can be found in the safety video.
  3. Print and fill out our Registration Form in advance to save time on your visit to the centre.
  4. Carry a valid Photo ID on your person and visit BoulderBox!

First Time Climbers

If you have never climbed before follow the steps above and you can also book one of our free induction classes mentioned right below.

Climbing Induction Class
Free! | 60 min

For those who have never climbed before or are looking for a refresher. Shoe hire is also included in the price.

Tues, Thurs | 7pm - 8pm
Sat | 11am - 12pm

Under 18s

Please check out the relevant information on the dedicated Under 18s page.