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May 12, 2019

Badami has 100s of sport climbing routes ranging from 4+ to 8b+ and endless potential for trad climbing as well as further sport climbing development. Unknown to most Badami is also home to some spectacular bouldering. It is a place that offers superb rock quality to climbers of all styles and abilities.


Badami is located in the state of Karnataka about 150km North West of Hampi.

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November - March

Although climbing is possible all throughout the year in Badami, temperatures can get as hot at 40C in the summer months. Badami has the same season as Hampi which starts in November and ends in March. January is normally the coolest month. Even in January some climbs require climbers to get up in the early hours of the morning for better conditions as it can get unpleasantly hot in direct sunlight.


There are various ways to access Badami.


Badami railway station is 5km away from Badami town. This is not a major station but many trains do stop here. Else Hubli (~100km | ~3hours) and Bijapur (~120km | ~4hours) are options from where direct buses to Badami are available at regular intervals.


The bus stop is right in the centre of town. There are direct buses to all major cities including sleeper coaches from Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.


The nearest airports are Hubli Airport (~100km) or Belgaum Airport (~150km). Other major airports nearby are Goa (~250km), Bangalore (~400km), Hyderabad (~450km), Mumbai (~600km)

Where to stay

Most climbers will live in a hotel called Rajsangam. They are very friendly to climbers and even offer discounts if you tell them you are a climber.

Rock Type

Primarily Sandstone

Type of Climbing

Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Bouldering


Between 4+ to 8b+ (sport)

Safety Precautions

A lot of climbs have had their bottom most bolt stolen or chopped by the locals so it is advisable to carry a stick clip if possible. Most anchors have a bucket or other easy to clip the rope in directly device at the top.


Free guides are available for sport climbing in the area. Below are a few of them.

Guide Book - 2016 edition by Bangalore Climbing Initiatives

Guide Book - Nov 2017 version by

Guide Book -

For those looking for a guide in Badami or any further information do try to get in touch with Ganesh who lives there. Further information can be found on


Kumar Gaurav looking up at the Kilian project in the Temple area
Yadu Bhageria trying out some boulders around Badami town
Yadu Bhageria on Export Reject in the Temple area
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May 12, 2019
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