BoulderBlast 3.0

Siddhartha (Team BoulderBox)
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November 17, 2019

For the third installment of BoulderBlast, we decided to try something new. Instead of going the usual way of setting up routes, we chose to set dynos. Also, since it was October, the thought of combining the social comp with Halloween seemed befitting. And so, we proceeded to club the comp and fest together, although, a day after from its actual proposed date in the calendar.

Come Friday the 1st, the stage was set, and dim neon lights glowed; accentuating both the white-clothed witch and the young tattoo embossed man from the West. He seemed a bit unrecognizable at first. But watching his merciless and relentless charge at dynos gave way to the horrors from his blood-stained past. And it became clear that he meant business. While darkness prevailed in the cavernous floor of BoulderBox, blood shed and flappers emerged from the fingertips of those shredding the dynos. 

And then, every once in a while, you’d see a she-devil: a flying witch within the deep dark dungeon, clinging to holds on the beam, and hanging almost upside down. The flight of this monstrosity was a sight to behold, and we can all agree on that. 

Far from sight and contrary to the reigning darkness, there appeared a man in technicolor. Nonchalant, and beyond the grip of fear he roamed. His whereabouts? No one seemed to know. His wrists were embellished with several watches and head covered with a horned viking helmet. His presence; nothing short of an oddity. 

Although, despite his odd presence, he carried with himself a sense of mystery. And it felt absurdly impossible to escape it. 

Another disturbing presence in the dungeon was of the animal-spirited Samurai. His animal face mask and katana set the tone as soon as he entered. Aside from looking eerily sinister, it was also difficult to gauge his motive. 

Rest of the participants included: Mario Kart, Unicorn, a pirate, and practitioners of Martial arts and Judo.

The winners from the comp in both men’s and women’s category are listed below:


  1. Laksha 
  2. Shravan
  3. Mehta


  1. Shivani
  2. Prerna
  3. Shweta

Best Costume

  1. No Utility Man: Nakul
  2. Tokyo Powder: Ron
  3. White Witch: Prerna

    *The event was sponsored by Tokyo Powder, Sleepy Owl, The Healthy Cup and Raw Pressery.

Please find images from event here: GDrive Link

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November 17, 2019
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Siddhartha (Team BoulderBox)