BoulderBox turns 1 year old!

Siddhartha Chattopadhyay
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September 23, 2020

This December, we turn a 1 whole-year-old! So we just wanted to share a few highlights and an overview of what we've done in our first year and what's yet to come before we close in on 2019.

What did we accomplish?

Since the beginning, we have had over 6000 people visit us for climbing and over 800 of these took part in our introduction to climbing initiative.

Launched BoulderBattle; the first of its kind, an event that brought hundreds of professional athletes and non-athletes under one roof and was a huge success.

Launched BoulderBlast: a similar recurring bi-monthly event but less on the competitive side. Driven by the community, this event marked the beginning of the first-ever friendly comp fueled by peppy music, interactive routes, good company, and an overall positive environment.

Launched She Climbs: a recurring event conceived with the objective to create a more friendly, engaging and inclusive environment for women.

Hosted our first international talk with Said Belhaj: a Swedish climber with over a thousand routes under his belt from 5:13b/8a to 5:14d/9a, including many on-sights!

Created an environment of sharing knowledge base by facilitating an atmosphere that enabled top Indian elite athletes to train at BoulderBox. Interviewed Linda Sjodin: the 11th female climber to have climbed, Bernd Zangerl's New BaseLine; a V14/8b+ boulder in the world. Initiated an ongoing project with the objective to deliver climbing-specific knowledge and topos across the country.‍‍

How did we deliver?

We owe it to the community and our team that continually keeps in mind: the power of contributing to something bigger and larger than themselves.‍

The Vision?

The unsterile Indian wilderness is a playground with enormous potential around it.  Since our inception, our vision has been to tap into and grow the vast pool of energy through climbing and other forms of movement.

What's Cooking? 

In order to commemorate our 1 year anniversary, we are holding a two day festival at BoulderBox. The movement festival seeks to encourage and promote a culture of well-being through various movement-based forms.

What is the movement festival?

BoulderBox explores the vertical through climbing as a creative pursuit of well-being. On the occasion of the culmination of their first year, BoulderBox invites you to the Movement Festival - the celebration of motion, the excitement of mobility, the adventure of adrenaline, but most importantly, the pure joy of movement. People from different walks of life, varying ages and all interests will be welcomed at BoulderBox for this two day festival packed with activities ranging from bouldering, slacklining, running, aerial acrobatics, acro-yoga and fitness masterclasses for beginners, enthusiasts and even experts.

The Movement Festival.

Date: 21st and 22nd December

Time: All day long on both the days

Price: Free for members and Festival Pass for non-members

*Additional cost of 300 INR for Paid Workshops on top of the festival pass.

*The links to all the workshops is here.

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September 23, 2020
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Siddhartha Chattopadhyay