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April 30, 2019



Every individual competitor needs to register using the below link:


Once registered each individual can also team up with 2 other people and register for the team event free of charge. You can so by visiting the link here! There are prizes for the 1st placed team and a randomly chosen team from all the contesting teams. Each individual can only enter one team.

Registration Process

If you are visiting BoulderBox to climb for the first time then please try and watch our induction video online and pre fill a registration form. See the first visit page for more information. You can then either bring the filled form with you on the day of the competition or email it to us beforehand (please!) at . Thanks :)


Date: 23/04/2019

0800: Registration Opens
0900: Qualification Round Start
1600: Qualification Round Ends
1615: Deadline to submit individual and team scoresheets
1800: Finals Round Starts
2030: Finals Round Ends
2100: Prize Giving Ceremony


There will be prizes over 2L in value!

We will be giving out prizes for:

  1. Womens 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  2. Mens 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  3. Team 1st
  4. Random male chosen from the qualification round
  5. Random female chosen from the qualification round
  6. Random team chosen from the qualification round
  7. All remaining finalists.

We will be announcing the prizes nearer to the time of the competition.

Competition Rules

There will be 30 boulder problems to try for everyone.

Points System

We will be operating on an honesty policy for the competition with no judges present. Each competitor will get a scorecard with a number for each boulder problem. Points will be allocated as follows based on number of attempts required to complete each problem.

Flash: 50 points  

2nd Attempt: 30 points

3rd Attempt: 20 Points

4th or 5th Attempt: 10 points

5+ Attempts: 0 points

Each competitor will be required to complete this sheet and hand it over by the 1615 deadline.

Starting a Boulder Problem

Each boulder problem must be started with hands on the 2 tagged starting holds. If 3 or 4 holds are tagged at the start then 2 hands plus 1 or 2 of the legs must be in contact with the tagged starting holds when starting the boulder problem.

Completing a Boulder Problem

The top tagged hold on a boulder problem must be touched by both hands in control for 3 seconds to consider the problem completed. We recommend you count by saying "one thousand two thousand three thousand" to be sure :) 


There will be 6 finalists for women and for mens. They will be chosen based on the highest scores achieved in the qualification round.

Finalists will (tentatively) compete on 3 boulder problems each. 3 Mens, 3 Womens. They will have 5 minutes to complete each problem by matching the finish hold. Finalist problems will have zone holds (previously called bonus holds by the IFSC) and be graded based on attempts for tops, followed by attempts for zones, followed by count back to the previous round.

Team Competition Rules

Each competitor can only be part of 1 team. Each team is comprised of 3 competitors. Each team must have at least 1 male and 1 female competitor.

Out of the 30 boulder problems in the qualification round, each member of the team must choose different 10 problems and their score based on the number of attemps it took to complete these boulder problems will be added to the total team score.

For example: Vrinda flashes boulder problems numbered 1-10 and adds a score of 500 to the team sheet, Yadu does boulder problems numbered 11-20 all in the second attempt and adds a score of 300 for these to the team sheet and finally Stuti does boulder problems numbered 21-30 all in 5th attempt and adds a score of 100 to the team sheet. This gives their team a total score of 900.


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April 30, 2019
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