One does not require to have a specific body or fitness level to begin this journey. The entirety of this art and sport is in the fact that we learn to consciously control our minds and body to attain balance. The process is quite fun and a good workout.

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About the Classes

Instructor Name: Samar Farooqui

Samar Farooqui pioneered Slacklining and highlining in India. Perhaps India's most famous slackliner, righteous so as he holds the current freesolo record of India and is India's best freestyle highline athlete as well a GoPro India ambassador. He has been sharing and spreading his passion for slacklining for over a decade. From his talent being showcased on TV shows to teach celebrities to teaching underprivileged kids or uncoordinated adults. Samar has done it all. This is your opportunity to come learn the art of balance with him.

Become independent slackliners with The Intro to Slack 5 hours of sessions for only  ₹ 3,000/- !

This will include:
1. Rigging a line.
2. Derigging a line.
3. Basics - Standing, Mounting, Walking, Jump Start
4. Tricks (for those that get there)
(timings can be determined with Samar)

An Introduction 1 hour Session will cover only the basics and cost  ₹ 1,000/-
(timings can be determined with Samar) *expires in mid March

Contact the centre on our usual contact number of +91 9650105578 for more information on bookings and buy your pass directly at our online payment store.


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Come for a fantastic 1 on 1 class with Samar with his unbridled talkative attention and at your requested timings. Classes last 60-120 minutes.

Single Class | ₹ 3000 (GST inclusive)

Contact the centre on our usual contact number of +91 9650105578 for more information on bookings.