COVID-19 Protocols

With the threat of coronavirus still very much a part of our lives, we'd like to reassure our patrons that we will be taking the utmost care going forward. Please have a read through our new Covid-19 protocols below.

A summary checklist before visiting can be found here.


We will be limiting our opening to pre-booked sessions. Walk-ins will have first-come first-serve status with bookings taking priority.

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New Timings
3 Hour Sessions

In order to fully sanitize the space and ensure we are able to operate smoothly we will be beginning with altered operational hours.

We will assess things on the fly and increase hours when it feels necessary.

Operating Days:
Wednesdays - Mondays: Open
Tuesdays: Closed

Sessions (3 hours long):
Weekdays: 3pm, 6:30pm
Weekends: 11am, 3pm, 6:30pm


We would request users to buy their products online where possible to minimise contact at the facility.

Our modes of payment in order of preference are:
1. UPI
2. Online (link)
3. Credit/Debit Card with Contactless payment
4. Credit/Debit Card with PIN entry payment
5. Cash with exact change
6. Cash with change required

When Visiting Procedures

Before Visiting

1. Minors under 10 years of age are not allowed (Govt mandate)
2. Adults over the age of 65 are not allowed (Govt mandate)
3. Aarogya setu app must be downloaded on your phone (Govt mandate)
4. Have not met anyone COVID positive in the last 2 weeks
5. Have not visited any containment zone in the last 2 weeks
6. Do not have any symptoms of illness upon visiting
7. Non-climbing guests are not allowed to wait in the facility right now (sorry!)

At the Entrance

1. Mandatory hand sanitization will take place
2. Temperature and Oxygen check will be conducted by the Guard

Note: if your temperature > 99.5F or your Oxygen level < 95% we will not be able to allow you to enter the facility. You will be allowed to wait and try again upto 3 times.

Before Climbing

1. You’ll have to fill out a declaration form - link to example
2. You’ll have to follow our safety precautions else we might need to ask you to leave

While Climbing

1. While not climbing wait at one of the designated waiting boxes marked out on the floor
2. Sanitize your hands every time with liquid chalk when leaving the climbing waiting boxes
3. Avoid physical contact with others (we recommend air fist bumping when you take down your project!)

General Precautions

1. Wear a facemask at all times
2. Maintain social distancing of 6ft with all individuals
3. Remain in close proximity only to any single minor you are supervising at the facility
4. Sneeze/cough into your elbow or a disposable tissue.
5. Sanitize equipment used where possible (there will be signs)
6. Have fun!

Our Safety Measure Guidelines

At BoulderBox your safety is our highest priority. We will be following the below guidelines:

1. Guidelines on Preventive Measures to Contain Spread of COVID-19 in Yoga Institutes & Gymnasiums (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)
2. COVID Protocol at Climbing Centers in India
3. Climbing Wall Association

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